Friday, May 25, 2012

ocean floor for everything


so, this week i told u about my new lp  TOTAL LOSS & i released a new song called 'ocean floor for everything'
it's here
and also here

so much love for all that, esp. to dummy magazine
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

it's a v personal song. i was supposed to meet a best friend who i hadn't seen in a year. i was returning home, and he was supposed to be there waiting for me. but on my way to him and to my home, he passed away. he always anticipated me: when we were younger, i'd discover something – some music or some feeling – and he would have already known it--- but he let me discover it for myself. it was like he was always ready for me to arrive. and then, this time, when i arrived, he had gone.

"i know u were always ready for me baby, way before we met--- i got there just to say 'hey.' and you were hoping for the days when u could say safely: 'i have my place, i have my home, i have my future.' but we never really plan for the worst of things do we? and then something like this happens --- for the sake of me? who? me? who? we? we've got feeling, got strength, and got the right thing for each other. there's an ocean floor for everything: for me, the sun, and he, gone."

it's going to be realllllly beautiful--- live violin, live cinematics, live drum machine stuff
all v live and v special 

links to buy ticks to the shows are there and soon more stuff

soon it will be integrated w this baby blog boy

<3 u