Tuesday, December 29, 2009

∆∆∆ 2009 is so OVER ∆∆∆

okay so here's 10 albums from 2009 i absolutely loved in 2009 and some other stuff i loved in 2009

1. the dream -- love vs. money (perfect from end to end. melodies GALORE).

2. mount eerie -- wind's poem

3. funeral mist -- maranatha (HOLY SHIT THIS IS HEAVY. also, hell of beautiful moments all over the place. real darklord shit right hurrrr).

4. fever ray -- fever ray

5. evangelista -- prince of truth

6. memory tapes -- seek magic

7. gucci mane -- murder was the case

8. pictureplane -- dark rift (okay there are like 4 good songs on this record, but they SLAY).

9. mountain man -- mountain man

10. gorgoroth -- quantos possunt ad satanitatem trahunt

i also really loved records by antony (of course), RUN DMT, pissed jeans, desolation wilderness, destroyer, the xx, ducktails, washed out, a grave with no name, jj, klimek, neon indian, oneohtrix point never, raekwon,  a sunny day in glasgow, toro y moi, HEALTH (stoked on that reissue).


∆∆∆ non-2009s that were important to me (us) in 2009 ∆∆∆

alvin lucier--- wind shadows
this is the most beautiful music. i don't even know what it is. i meditate to this shit and reach all kinds of new heights of despair.

j dilla--- donuts
i thought i knew, but i had no idea how masterful this shit was... damn.

weakling--- dead as dreams


oh ya and ERRRYTHING htdw & cokc dokc dropped in 2009. look for 2010 releases soon (with distro thru cryptic carousel records!).

okay, byeeeeee for now
-htdw & cokc dokc

Sunday, December 6, 2009

∆like in the night how the heart becomes the truth∆

   like in the night how the heart becomes the truth  by  howtodresswell

more lo-fi shai from your boyz htdw & cokc dokc.

the first cut samples debussy --- i encourage you to listen to this one super high on headphones. trust me.
the second cut samples AIDS 3D (and is definitely the most straightforward pop song we've done). track three sounds best REALLY loud --- it's good to remember the noise.
track four is an official banger. the fifth and final cut is yet another abstract pop tune. ya.

don't forget the other jams --- they're down there below nate dogg.