Sunday, December 6, 2009

∆like in the night how the heart becomes the truth∆

   like in the night how the heart becomes the truth  by  howtodresswell

more lo-fi shai from your boyz htdw & cokc dokc.

the first cut samples debussy --- i encourage you to listen to this one super high on headphones. trust me.
the second cut samples AIDS 3D (and is definitely the most straightforward pop song we've done). track three sounds best REALLY loud --- it's good to remember the noise.
track four is an official banger. the fifth and final cut is yet another abstract pop tune. ya.

don't forget the other jams --- they're down there below nate dogg.



diggin the tunes on the"soundcloud", that things pretty nifty -- do you have these racks organized into particular "albums/compilations"?

ps - thanks for voicing your viewing gratitudes, much appreciated

how to dress well said...

thanks rube. ya, there's been 4 eps this year
1. the eternal love
2. friday morning hymnal
3. will u sleep
4. like in the night how the heart becomes the truth

i can send you some mp3s if you like-- hit me up via email or facebook!