Wednesday, November 4, 2009

big post big news face the facts

a bit anticlimactic cuz two major cuts have already been posted, but here's the full 3"cd ep 'friday morning hymnal' from cokc dokc and htdw. hope you love it.

friday morning hymnal by acephale1

so, ya, as friendshipbracelet pointed out, we're working on a series of these 3"cd eps. we want to do 5 over 5 months--- the first was 'the eternal love' (DUH). --- here it is again.

how to dress well & cokc dokc -- the eternal love ep (3"CD) by acephale1

thanks for listening.


Izzy said...

I saw that picture and I was sad person, the boy is very sad, and wonder what happened to him, he need a fast pitch bat to vent their anger, such pictures touch my feelings.

dj80hd said...

Please post where to purchase lossless (flac), vinyl, or 320kbps mp3 versions of the individual tracks. Great work. I'm a fan.