Sunday, May 9, 2010

∆∆∆ suicide dream 2 ∆∆∆

suicide dream 2 – how to dress well from How to Dress Well on Vimeo.

some big news comin soon y'all. keep ya eyes peeled.


EDIT: mad love to rose quartz on the premiere! and, if you're not reading delicious scopitone, you're sleeping as hell. and what a BEAUTIFUL post on transparent --- so much love for these guys.

ALSO: loving this


Emmanuel said...


love it - i just featured it on my blog. well done

juliego said...

you guys are so amazing
love you.

Le Comité said...

so wonderful, know i need to put it on my blog for the wednesday's music video.
i almost cried when i saw it

Matthew said...

please update or something, I miss you

Sars said...

Wow, so tragic and haunting...amazing stuff. Featured your track 'ready for the world' on my blog. Love it