Tuesday, September 14, 2010

∆∆∆ RFTW – HTDW ∆∆∆

really really happy to see this song doin well
i love it so deeply and want nothing more than for others to hear and 2 love it


also plz plz plz COP A 7"!


BrodyandGideon'smom said...

I haven't stopped playing this song. I think I even dream about it. It just begs for the listener to just turn everything else off and just exist within the sound. "Decisions" does the same thing to me... Delicious.

grayson said...

I have cherished this song since I found it on Pitchfork last night; and I have a feeling I'm going to cherish it for a while. It encompasses all my emotions and stops time. Please, keep up the inspiring work! I feel the love!

Anonymous said...

beautiful music! You should be extremely proud of this piece. You hit a frequency that no song ever has.. rock on!

Anonymous said...

thank god for pitchfork! they keep us in tune with amazing artists, such as yourself. thanks for doing what you do. you've made my day:)
i wish i still lived in brooklyn, i totally would have gone to your show.

hernan said...


elichkata said...

my absolute favorite!
addicted to it lately!