Wednesday, October 13, 2010

∆∆∆ CMJ DATES ∆∆∆

\\ Acephale Records Showcase,10/19, Shea Stadium (Brooklyn) // 
\\ show, 10/20, Ramiken Crucible (Manhattan) // 
\\ Lefse Records showcase, 10/20, The Delancey (Manhattan) // 
\\ Pitchfork #Offline Fest, 10/22, Brooklyn Bowl // 
\\ DJing the Altered Zones party, 10/22, Glasslands (Brooklyn) // 
\\ Fader fort show, 10/23, (Manhattan) //

come by, say hi


bu said...

your music is like the best friend
and like a pleasant disease as well because i slowly spreading it among my friends.

i'm a musician from Russia and I have a couple questions to ask. unfortunately i didn't find your email on the Internet so i write here.but it would be great to write a proper letter.i really need so kind.

i'm looking forward to hear from you

best wishes,

BLASTOIDS! said...

My name is Tyler. i talked to you last night at Shea Stadium. I own a show space outside of Nashville. You told me that you visit your girlfriend in Nashville fairly often. i was wondering if you wanted to set up a show. we would love to have you! the name of the space is Trash Mountain. if you are interested (hope you are) please shoot me an email at

thanks so much

ps last nights show was ridiculously beautiful, keep it up