Tuesday, February 1, 2011

∆∆∆ SUICIDE DREAM 1 & 2 ∆∆∆

Parisian videographer Jamie Harley and I have been collaborating for the past year and it has been the greatest blessing. Thank you Jamie for your insane diligence and unending support. Thank you for your beautiful work. I am so happy our destiny's paths have crossed. FUTURE.



JE Androcoen said...

just beautiful.

Idlemode said...

always outstanding videos :)

MMM said...

Looking good. nicenice

Check my shit out if u like beautiful pictures.

tanya. said...

come to Vancouver come to Vancouver come to Vancouver. it's so close to Portland. someone here MUST want to bring you up.

Myrthe said...

I love this. Gives me goose bumps all over my body, every time.

Xay B. said...

It was somewhat disturbing, yet visually engaging. Nice job .

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