Tuesday, July 17, 2012

cold nites

love is a miracle. like, as far as i can tell, it almost shouldn't be possible, but it transpires sort of in spite of the the world. 'cold nites' comes out of experiences i've had w respect to the will to preserve love across long distances, thru challenging times, amidst life's changes--- this will to love can give us the most beautiful stability and a sense of truly living, but can also lead us into totally spiritually rending compromises, split between worlds.


wanted to share this with u as soon as possible so i got my friend nick to make this little ambient video thingy – i think it's REALLY beautiful and i'm always so proud to work w him :+) love you nick

working on a music video for the song now v v v excited 
with an AMAZING director
more details soon

thank u and love you,


keeks said...


thank you for this.

& it was U on repeat

There and back again... said...

Mr. Krell I gotta be honest. After seeing "October 3, Grand Rapids TBA" on your tour schedule" yet see that date come and go with no show really bummed me out. Really awestruck with the two records and really hope to come around to Michigan. I have a feeling you'd like it and also have a friend working at the Concert Series for Hope College in Holland, he'd love to have you.

Amar said...

This is a Amazing video , I like so much, great experience that how to wear in cold nights