Wednesday, June 30, 2010

∆∆∆ 'ready for the world (twin sister remix)' ∆∆∆

so much love!

extra pleased to see the gvb premiere. mad love to stereogum too. and of course pitchfork music magazine.

thank you so much for the support---- please cop a copy of the 7".




Anonymous said...

Better believe I ordered that sucker

Rebel Yell said...

Just wanted to congratulate you for the blog,but specially for the wonderful music i found in was like bumping into the el dorado entrance.
I haven't heard yet all you dispose in here,so,i'll say..suicide dream 2 is pure juice to me ! the first time i heard it,i felt like i was entering an empty old house,with a ghostly voice singing a love story that once lived there..i mean,that was what popped in my head.

Keep up the great work,you can count with my support from now on.

Siuslaw Sven said...

Thanks for all your hard work and the killer tunes. I'm a big fan, and waiting to check out your full release. If you ever need images to use for your cd artwork, go to Use whatever you like without any hassle and photoshop to your hearts content, if so desired. Keep up the good work. Regards from Oregon.