Thursday, December 23, 2010

∆∆∆ FAVE 2010s ∆∆∆

don't get it twisted these are my official favorite recordsss of the year. 
less important that shit's from 2010 --- what's really special is how this music all points towards 2K!! 

official 2010 jams

DEADBOY - If U Want Me image

everything deadboy released in 2010

marcus fjellstrom - schattenspieler

records from dj roc, dj nate, n dj rashad

burzum - belus

prurient & cold cave - stars explode

teengirl fantasy - 7AM

everything wiz khalifa released this year (and last year too fuck it) esp. duh black n yellow

Egyptrixx - The Only Way Up  image

egyptrixx - the only way up 

ciara ciara ciara – her youtube is the best big year 
(esp. after the nguzunguzu and dubbel dutch rmxs of her UNBELIEVABLE deuces rmx)

the dream - love king (even tho my fave song from him this year was def ciara's speechless)

nguzunguzu - mirage

salem - king night
(such an honor to play w them this year. nicest people! anyone who hates on their live show is tripping so fuck em--- their performance is so far beyond some 'rock concert' that haters can't even comprehend that shit. plus, rock concerts/musicians in general are totally played out anyway)

blondes - touched
(2010 best live show period)

gucci mane - mr zone 6

girl unit - IRL

forest swords - dagger paths
(consistently the best source of mixes and remixes period. best musical taste style swag)

waka flocka flame - flockaveli 
(this shit makes me feel COLOSSAL – bigger even that the teflon don, which is also BIG)

yellow swans - going places

coffinworm - when all became none 

was also super hyped on records from balam acab, oneohtrix point never, coco rosie, rick rosé, john wiese, acre, swans, hype williams, solo andata, yeezy (even tho he basically made the same album as sufjan stevens ha), drake, etc. ridiculously dope year for music.  i'm gonna add my fave songs of 2010 list in the comments--- check that. buy these records b/c (save for the commercially successful record on this list) these artists need support to keep making their tunes. 

plus, have to say: so unbelievably gracious for and blown away by all the love and support shown for htdw this year. so much love for every ear and every heart that opened up to my music--- i could never ask for anything more. 

hell of thankful for 2010 and ready to go in on 2K!!,

Friday, December 17, 2010

∆∆∆ poppin champagne year end list love ∆∆∆

so hellllll of honored humbled excited blown away by all the year end, best of 2010 list love for 'Love Remains'!!!! please support the record if you are able (whether on iTunesamazon, or whatev –– plz tell your local record store to stock it!!!) – and check the sidebar on the right for some upcoming tour dates n so forth. COME OUT & SAY WHAT'S UP.
<3 < 3 < 3 < 3 <3 <3 <3

love, htdw

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

∆∆∆ u know wut it is ∆∆∆

OH MAN been recording new music like crazy these last weeks.
so into two thousand eleven. 2k11. 2k!!. 2k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck with me on facebook and follow on twitter and please if you can support the record (on iTunes, amazon, wherever –– make sure your local record store has that shit toooo!!!!).

ps. come out and seeeeee meeeeeee sing --- click on a city to get some tix. ridiculously excited to play with autre ne veut in nyc, grimes in montreal, and grouper in portland. plus some other dope people along the way.

1/28: BROOKLYN  

2/25: L.A. 


Saturday, December 11, 2010

∆∆∆ 2K!! GOING IN ∆∆∆

so, BIG NEWS the great people at Tri Angle Records are releasing Love Remains in Europe and Asia on January 31st  2K!!.

FURTHER FURTHER BIG NEWS: here's some shows in 2K!!


2/25: L.A.

come out and say hi. again, as always, so much fucking bottomless love for ur support.

love you,