Monday, February 15, 2010

∆∆∆ htdw news ∆∆∆

okay y'all. thanks so much for listening/downloading. extra extra extra love for all the love from these folks and of course these folks.  download all 6 eps below and check back next week (THAT'S RIGHT) for our seventh jawn!

hope everyone had a good nba allstar weekend. we were in vienna this weekend and it was hell of beautiful.
-htdw & cokc dokc

Monday, February 8, 2010

∆∆∆ new music ∆∆∆

so, ya, in september of 20009 we said we'd drop 5 eps in 6 months. we've dropped 4 since then. so, you're thinking: where's number 5? make that FIVE *AND* SIX6 INSTEAD-- cuz we're like FUCK PLANS.


∆ born bodies ∆

first up it's the 'born bodies' EP,  four more drone&b, abstract pop cuts from yr lo-fi shai boysssss. the first cut samples blackstreet,  'vidilico' samples that one hell of sad michael jackson propaganda video  that always breaks our heart and that we watched more times than we'd care to say this winter.

and, cuz we love to make you love us, here's another collection of tunes from HTDW & cokc dokc

∆ five souls ∆

 five souls  by  howtodresswell

you may have heard 'lover's start (desert voyage)' on the friendship bracelet compilation (which, if you haven't already, you should def download). and you might know '11 years on' from the video we threw up here a bit back. they're both on there PLUS two new cuts 'these visions' (cribbin yeezy) and 'walking this dumb (live)' (which is our four-to-the-floor, triumphal you-can't-just-run-up-on-me-like-that jam). was recorded right before cokc dokc took off on his tokyo jawn (safe travels, boi!).

and, if you've slept on the first four eps, here they are for stream and download once again.

4. ∆ like in the night how the heart becomes the truth ∆
3. ∆ will u sleep ∆
2. ∆ friday morning hymnal ∆
1. ∆ the eternal love ∆

also, got to say::: so much love to everyone who's been showing us so much love. forever, for serious.

til soon,

love the love from no-conclusion & chocolate bobka & village voice