Wednesday, January 27, 2010

go to friendship bracelet and get the new comp!

so, the rad minds at friendshipbracelet have posted a new compilation, featuring a cut from htdw & cokc dokc!  head here and download that shit and have a super nice day thanks to such an excellent array of THE THE THE contemporary jams.

we'll be dropping the fifth ep next week, so in the meantime get down with the first four eps and the demo-cum-video below:

4. ∆ like in the night how the heart becomes the truth ∆
3. ∆ will u sleep ∆
2. ∆ friday morning hymnal ∆
1. ∆ the eternal love ∆

11 years on (demo) ∆∆∆ how to dress well & cokc dokc from Tom Krell on Vimeo.

also---- much love for the love from chocolate bobka and rosequartz

IN ADDITION peep the no-conclusion blog

-cokc dokc

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