Sunday, January 10, 2010

∆∆∆ new year, new ep ∆∆∆

hello. wanted to get in touch and let you know

1) the next (5th) digital 3" cd ep will drop this coming week. that's the art right up thurrr


2) we shot a clip for 'i don't know what it takes' which will also drop this week!!! the clip features a dark night, 2 dogs, a ton of snow, a flashlight, a halfmoon, a gun, a rose, one all black and one all white huge sweatshirt (which actually belonged to carmelo anthony, no shit), and htdw & cokc dokc.

how about that shit?

keep yr eyes peeled.

in the meantime, brush up on the first four eps below.

4. ∆ like in the night how the heart becomes the truth ∆
3. ∆ will u sleep ∆
2. ∆ friday morning hymnal ∆
1. ∆ the eternal love ∆

also, some people have been asking, so here's the link to our soundcloud.
and PLEASE download the records and send em to your friends.

always loving you,

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